I use your art on my web site?

For the paintings that have © Octavia Cheetham in the text under nether them please send me an email asking for permission. If it is for non-profit making, non-commercial purposes and is part of a gallery this will be ok, although I would ask you to credit me as the artist and add a link to my site. Please do not chop up the art, alter the color or mix it with another persons work.
Can I have one of your pictures tattooed on?
Yes, if you would like one of my artworks permanently displayed on your body then be my guest! I also sell flash designs of my art at Lunarian Tattoos for a small cost, each design comes with a lining in sheet ;) This will help cut down your costs with the tattooist plus you will get a decent picture. I would love to see the end result and add it to my gallery, so please email me a photo.
How do you produce your paintings?
After receiving a description of what is required from the client, I sketch out the image in pencil on paper. Once this is approved I then mainly work freehand, painting in with acrylic and then adding detail in with photoshop.
Did you always want to be an artist? Yes, From my early years I used to watch my mum paint, and every chance I got I was drawing, so the rest is history. When I’m painting I feel so at peace for me its like meditating, and I get totally absorbed in what I’m creating and my visions come alive.

How can I become a freelance artist?
Firstly you must love what you do, as its never easy when you first start out, you need determination and a goal on where you want to go. Ask advice from other people who are do what you want to do, for most they will be more than happy to answer your questions. Create that list of questions, then start doing! There are places like Deviant Art that will showcase your work for free, myspace, forums are great ways to get your work seen. Enter competitions, write blogs these will always help to build your web profile.
How did you start out?
I’ve been creating art since I could put a pencil in my hand, after leaving school I went to art college to do a general art and design course followed by illustration. I had a passion for motorbikes and fantasy art and it wasn’t to long before I began an 8 year career in Custom painting, airbrushing art onto motorbikes, guitars and snowboards.
How do you make a living while traveling?
After giving up custom painting to travel I really didn’t know quite what to do or how I was going to make a living. I always wanted to get back into creating my own art, and thats what I did. I put together a website and started to create again, slowly I found my way ;) What ever you do as long as you enjoy what you do and you give yourself a direction it all starts from there. After a while I began to work freelance on the internet applying for jobs through elance, this was a great way for me to earn money, as well as build up a client base. Its a real pleasure to work with clients and let there visions come to life. Today there are more and more jobs available on the internet so this is great for traveling and inspiration. When ever I get the chance I also go to festivals and get my face out there and ask artists for advice because after all they are already doing what you want to do. If this is something you would like to do then before you make the break, start working in your spare time to increase your earnings before you travel unless your like me and a kept woman or man for that fact ;)
If you have any other questions about my art you’d like to ask me please contact me here

May Inspiration guide you along your own path :)