Latest Art "Calling For the Wild" Part woman, part wolf, this is all about connecting to our wild side.
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Latest Art "Majestic Deer "Wisdom from the Deer - Words from the Deer.
My deer mother and father have taught me grace and peace. My home, the forest, is magical and full of beauty. My parents taught me to be sensitive and intuitive and above to love life. My inner fawn is innocence and I dance in the magical mysteries of life. But don’t be fooled, behind my big loving eyes I have learnt the dance of vigilance, for my mind is always aware. In a heartbeat I can quickly change directions with grace.
If you seek the magic that is within me, come to the forest and learn to dance to the rhythm of the trees and together we can learn life’s mysteries and live in harmony.

When Purchasing my Majestic Deer, you will receive a scroll with my story, along with animal guide and Affirmation info.
Prints are available
here as well as necklaces, earrings and rings. With every order over £30 you will receive a FREE 4x6 print of your choice.
Just send me the information on which print you would like along with your order.

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